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刊登在学院刊物里了,没眼看,但是贴出来,以后没准会怀念 😂

If I use one phrase to describe my past undergraduate life and the current post-graduate life, I will select the phrase “proactively adapting.” During the first 18 years of my life, my parents’ choice and society preference largely influence my life. If life is a game, then I was more like an NPC rather than a player.

The turning point of my life is the day I graduated from the high school, and the first mission I proactively choose to tackle is the two-plus-two program between King’s college and Dongbei University in Finance and Economics. The Chinese university is located in Dalian (the north of China), while my hometown is in the south of China. Besides, King’s college is located in a foreign country—Canada. Two-plus-two program means two different environments for me, especially Canada.

While facing a totally unfamiliar environment, I feel like an outsider and observer. As for the study part, it is interesting to compare two nations’ education systems, from the class organization to the university operation. Those differences lead to the different characteristics of each nation’s graduate students. As for the life part, I have to learn everything from zero and notice the unwritten social norms and expected behaviors. The strange environment also forced me to think over the essential factors for my life, for instance, some part of my habit and tradition should be kept and insisted in, and some part of my past thoughts and actions should be replaced and developed.

In the final year of my program, I started to be interested in art and culture field, although my program is named finance and administration, which has nothing to do with art. I think what I learned so far are just a set of tools and ways to measure a good business. In other words, my bachelor program taught me how to do business. However, I think the more important question is to do what business. I believe art and culture can contribute to people’s happiness and change their lives. It is a worthwhile business to do.

Now I am studying art and culture management in Milan, Italy.


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